Other Side of Cooking: NEW Weight Watchers 2011 Points Plus Deluxe Member Kit with Calculato

Complete Food Companion: * PointsPlus values for just about any food you can think of (over 20,000 foods!). * An easy-to-use complete A-Z food list and their PointsPlus values. * Weight Watchers Power Foods listings indicate the healthy, nutritious foods that help stave off hunger * Brand name food products, organized by food category to help make finding food products quick and easy! * Weight Watchers Food Products listings, a comprehensive guide to all your favorite Weight Watchers food products Dining Out Companion * An easy-to-use A-Z list with hundreds of dining out foods * Menu items from 140 national restaurants with their PointsPlus values * PointsPlus values values for favorite ethnic and regional dishes Ultimate 3 Month Tracker * Monitor your daily and weekly progress * Includes tips & recipes * A great motivating tool to track your success Points Plus Calculator with Daily & Weekly PointsPlus Tracker * Easily calculates PointsPlus values for your food! * Calculates your daily PointsPlus Target * Tracks your daily & weekly PointsPlus values Ready, Set, Go! Cookbook * 125 Easy Meals to get you started * Exclusive cookbook only available through the Deluxe Kit * All Recipes have 8 PointsPlus value or less! Blue Zippered Binder * Holds everything in one place with mesh velcro pockets & a place to hold your pen!



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